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if it’s not working what will you try?


Since last October I have been working away on a business that speaks to my ethics, morals and interests. Having no business or marketing experience whatsoever but a toolbox of enthusiasm, hyperactivity, a shelf full of self development and business books, an internet connection and an empty purse I decided that now was as good a time as any.

Now I knew there would be ups and downs, a slow start like in a lot of start ups and days I questioned what the actual fuck I was doing…

There were also days where I would punch the air, celebrate with the dog and crack open a bottle of wine.

My little business is not anywhere near to where it needs to go, and there is much for me to do to push it in the direction I need it to go. I change things ALOT, as I read or hear something I adjust, sometimes for the better and sometimes at a big messy loss. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes it is lonely. I pray for a team, but then again, it is not the right time nor the right stage.

My stock photography is homemade as in taken at home and made by me, pictures of my kids being bribed behind the scenes with chocolate and the outtakes are either hysterical or just plain weird. My stock take is small and my budget smaller but instead of talking down about my little ‘project’ I boost it at every opportunity. Not all endeavours are get rich quick schemes, and sometimes we have to admit that we need another income or sideline to stay afloat to stay authentic to a start up that has ethical roots.


That is ok, just be wary of how you spend your energy on each area and the time allocated, I found it is easy to neglect your main when a new sideline pumps new enthusiasm into you. At times like this review the roots and vision of your main business and schedule separate time to work at each role.

What I am trying to say is this… if you have an idea, just start.

Build your own website learning as you go, take your own shots and be your own personal assistant. Hey, my first ‘customer’ was my mum! It counts, I did not prompt her, so it counts!!

I hope in the next year it can grow into something I initially envisioned but if it doesn’t go the way I planned and I have to change course so be it. Not that I am saying do not take actionable goals, but be realistic and review frequently. Have a positive driven outlook but if something is not working try something new.


Lastly, just like a blog, when starting don’t overthink it, just begin. Get it out there and do what you can with what you have and the rest may follow.

Have an idea on your mind for business? What have you done this week to bring it to fruition? Do you really need all you are telling yourself you do to just begin?


Coming up:

Things that worked and didn’t work in my first 9 months of being a start up.

Why I approached and joined a direct sales company despite my apprehensions.

A list of must reads if you are in the ideas stage of life and business changes.



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1 simple way to hit your goals


Be it physical goals such as walking 3 x weekly or financial goals, for example saving 10% income every month there are very simple yet effective habits to boost your likelihood of achievement. Do you want to be a better mother,partner, employee?

How can you better yourself, I challenge any human to refuse the quest for self improvement be it physical, emotional, intellectual, financial I doubt there is no man on Earth of sound mind truly happy to plod through life indifferent. He may deny it or profess it to strangers, but either way we all strive for more, better, improved aspects of ourselves, do we not?

So without further ado,  the one simple way to begin,



Be it an idea, a ball park figure, a to do list,whatever, write it down!!! There is ridiculous amounts of research correlating achieving goals with writing them down.

You are not the ‘journalling’ sort?  Then use Evernote  or post it notes and tack it to your fridge or mirror! It does not matter how, just do it!

There’s a saying I learnt as a nursing student regarding documentation:

If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen

Well let us adjust that to if you don’t write it down it may not happen, don’t chance it, don’t question it, just go put it down… NOW!

Are you still here?…

I’m hoping it is because like me, of course you write your goals down.

It really isn’t that difficult to write a list of desires, dreams, to dos or whatever you want to label them as.

What can be hard is the specifics, not the how, you must believe you will figure that out, but the whys. Your whys.

Unpicking why you want what you want can be tricky, but also enlightening. It is the whys that drive us, not the wants. You can tell a great deal about people from what is that they hope to achieve. It is easy to judge people’s wants if we are really honest. However no one can assume their why…. and that’s a good thing because we must focus on our own reasons. Our true reasons for progressing towards our life’s intentions leads us to great clarity about our true selves.

Wealth, recognition, respect, love, acceptance, to name a few.

Knowing our true intentions helps steer us away from wasting time rolling along aimlessly down the wrong track. Asking better questions; is this action pushing me towards my goals? Is this decision a productive one?

If we really analyse what we want we can eliminate what we think we want and replace it with a higher quality plan to a life lived attaining purpose and meaning.

That is our shared goal as a species I believe.





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Chunking AKA chop shit up!

So you know you have a list of skills you dream of learning, usually written in January or nearing yet another dreaded birthday and every god damn year you skim over one or two if you are lucky, maybe take a 6 week course but in all brutal honesty you are not even slightly competent in one!

I have shit tons this year, I’m not even kidding. Craft is ‘my thing’ but my crochet is more granny square pot handler than crochet magazine cover shot. Here’s the blanket I’m ‘about’ to start:


This year however  I have a plan. You see I started to analyse where I was going wrong and stumbed upon immersion. Now instead of debating over which new hobby out of the say 20 I wrote down in January you just take the top 4, in that order, or whatever four particularly sing to you, and dedicate 3 months immersion to each skill.

For me this means the next 10-12 weeks will focus on machine sewing. This way not only should I be half decent by the time Spring is up, I’ll know if I want to continue or move onto and invest in trying my next idea!

By chunking we save money, stop flitting and gain a DEEPER understanding and focus on one particular skill. However by pencilling in the next learning curve on the list we don’t go into panic mode that we may not get round to it, we just schedule over the year.

This may seem obvious if you are an ‘Organised Olive’ but if you are more like me going into the new year full steam ahead and booking multiple classes/lessons/tasters not only does your pocket hurt but you tend to the see attendance as a chore rather than a pleasure.

So may I suggest, chop shit up! The months of the year chopped into 3 or 4 sections gives a nice meaty timespan to immerse yourself one new talent at a time!


Much more effective 😉


Angie x

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Putting it out there

Charles Darwin, Scientists, Theory Of Evolution

I cannot be the only homeschooler with dreams of worldschooling.  In fact I know I’m not because weekly I see the same question posed again and again on social media homeschool groups:

“how can I earn a living whilst travelling with my kids?”

Now as an avid reader of titles such as the 4 hour work week, free range human and a few other titles I plan to review for readers this year the running themes I have implemented so far are as follows:


  1. be a non conformist anti system badass!
  2. find and know your passion:; what is your expert area?
  3. harness that bucking bronco and ride it!
  4. make sure you scream it from the rooftops to the audience that ‘needs’ it ( be it a service, product, or information)
  5. once you have a system in order to replace you or your efforts at delivering the above repeat with something else you are good at or love to do OR expand further on your primary passion!

You MUST think outside the box, be multifaceted (even if this branches out from one common area) and be willing to analyse what works and what doesn’t. All along listening to your clients/customers/readers.

Now go brainstorm on a napkin!

I hope this helps to narrow down the possibility of a location independent lifestyle.

Angie x


“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men” Charles Darwin


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Stating the obvious?



Ok I really may be stating the obvious here so if I am it PROVES my money/financial education was absolute zero!

For years I struggled with money, debt and budgeting.  I just couldn’t stick to a budget yet I would never say I was an extravagant person.  In fact my clothes are hardly ever new(more for eco purpose and reducing waste than anything else), I wear my mums/teenage daughters hand me downs, shop in charity shops and get my household items from car boot sales or used goods sites.

Yet still no savings and I was living week to week.

Not good enough!

Money books bored me, investing?! Please I could not understand the jargon.

Savings accounts? The measly interest rates made me roll my eyes.

Then I read The Richest Man in Babylon and I can now tell you money is just a mindset.

10% of incomings, I can get my head round that!

10% of incomings put aside, to yourself from yourself EVERY week (or month if that’s how you work your cashflow).

Pay yourself first, that’s it!

Not rocket science, no magic get rich quick scheme.

This simple single act is the start on your path to Moola!

Don’t believe me? What have you got to lose?

Now go, do it now, and keep doing it!

You have begun.

If you do this one little simple act already tell me about it! Or are you a ‘dipper’ like me? Meaning when the kids need something you ‘dip in’ to your savings jar.

This is the year to begin!

Put 10% minimum away, before you pay ANYTHING out, I command you to pop that amount away and do not touch!

I’ll let you know how I’m doing as the year pans out.

It’s not massive action you may be thinking BUT it is action and I promise you that  is key to a life of freedom 🙂


Angie x