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colourful spring

IMG_7906.JPGSometimes I can’t decide if I want to keep a thrift find for the girls ūüôā

This colourful sweater reminds me to embrace a colourful year which leads me on to say…


Happy Holi ūüôā What a beautiful colourful and love filled way to mark the season!

We have had a very busy week in the run up to Easter, learning about the origins, decorating craft items and making treats!


Easter lolly moulds from Aldi

Angie x



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5 ways to sell clothing online


If you are a mum you will understand children grow like weeds and letting clothing build up can provide a mountain of clutter taking up precious space in your home not to mention cluttering up your mind!  We try not to have ridiculous amounts of clothing, you can download my checklist soon for achieving a minimal kids wardrobe.

Each season I sort through clothes that no longer fit or get worn very little. For the record I genuinely cannot remember when I purchased brand new clothes from the high street (here’s why). All our clothes are either hand me downs, second hand bought or made by myself! We do however accept gifts from friends and relatives and in no way judge anyone’s shopping choices!

If you are interested in sustainable fashion though  here is a good place to start to get you thinking about alternative options to fast fashion and the ethics of the current industry.


So lets get started, all you need is a camera or smart phone (make sure your flash is off), some  good natural lighting and preferably a light clear background (I like a white painted wall) or some raw wood floorboards I always find compliment nicely, such as these boots I thrifted and sold on:


As you can probably guess I am¬† in no way a knowledgeable photographer and we are never aiming for perfection here as time is our most valuable commodity so don’t get caught up in the details! Just take your shots, give a quick edit if necessary and upload.¬†¬†Speaking of edits, do not alter the filter – you need your pics to stay true to your item so as not to miss sell on colour or material for example.

If  you do not use Photoshop or any other professional editing tools (like myself, its on my to do list to learn though!) try PicMonkey. I find this a cheap, beginner friendly app with some really valuable filter and text tools I use for fun and also for blogging, Facebook, and Etsy posts. Here is a simple example of text layered over your photo:


So! Here are five platforms for selling your unwanted clothing!

1. ebay Рa busy, BUSY online marketplace that sells just about anything you can imagine. Be mindful of your descriptions as this will get you seen if a buyer is searching a particular item. Size and brand is a common search detail and you have the option to auction your items or sell at a fixed price.

2. Etsy – handmade or vintage goods are featured here and at a small listing price can be displayed for a few months so not as fast paced as our last contender, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on how desperate you are to clear out! Very user friendly/learn as you go format.

3. Shopify – I loved Shopify, the professional look of an ecommerce store with all the trimmings you could possibly hope for. However, I personally couldn’t justify the running costs due to being a small scale start up. I am still a huge fan and if you are not techy like me you can still enjoy a polished and impressive looking store with bells and whistles at varying prices dependent on your needs and budget.

4. your local Facebook selling site Рusually free, usually local, there are loads of them, just use your FB search box. If you do not enjoy packing and post office trips this is a good option as buyers generally come to collect goods. Do note Р be sure of authenticity before dishing out your address to any Tom, Dick or Harry! Safety first!

5. a car boot/jumble or yard sale Рfun, gets you out for the day, your kids can get involved but if you have no access to a vehicle or do not enjoy the risk of low foot traffic on a certain day or the weather keeping your customers indoors then you may spend more money than you make on cups of coffee and your entrance fee.

I always have a time span for sales and what does not sell after a designated slot I donate to charity, if you do not drive there is plenty of charity pick ups that will happily come fetch your goods or ask around in your community, clothes swaps are always fun and you get to meet people too!

I would love to hear any tips I can use in future! How do you keep organised and what selling¬†platform do you prefer? What don’t you like about sites you have used so far?

I hope this encourages you to declutter, my mind is clear when my environment is ūüôā

Angie x



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Time out


I have felt a bit overwhelmed this week. I often feel like a plate spinner and find crafts ground me.¬†I’m trying to lose the guilt about giving myself time when the children are at the child minders. It almost feels like I should be working for the full time they are away¬†, as if not doing so would be cheating! Yet cheating who? Them? Work time?

In fact not giving myself time to do things I need to fill my cup IS CHEATING. It is cheating MYSELF.

We cannot be fully present, energised, positive when we neglect our own needs. For years I tried to prove my abilities as a ‘capable’ teenage mother because I just did not realise the importance of self care. Instead I became withdrawn and sunk into a depression. Imagine if we were given the tools to put ourselves first. A checklist to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual being.¬†A self development programme, a journal to check in frequently, some books and an audio on financial planing! Reality means such a toolbox would never work as one size does not fit all.¬† That’s why it is so important to know you! Do you! Unapologetically!

Today was just a day, this morning I took some time out, practiced some sewing and read a little. I’m currently reading Daring Greatly, have you read it? I’d love to hear what you think!

I also managed to ‘freestyle’ Melly a simple skirt out of some craft fabric for ¬£2 at The Works, one of¬†my go to places¬†for home education supplies. I only used half the fabric so not bad; a skirt for ¬£1 worth of fabric!¬†¬†ūüôā


I wanted to practice bias binding. I’m pleased but understand practice makes perfect!


As with anything, if you love learning something keep at it. We are so privileged in this age, so much information and resources are accessible that we can achieve most things we set our minds to! It blows my mind!

Angie x

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week 7

I can’t believe we are already through the seventh week of the year!

I have been mindful to dedicate time to create and craft and am enjoying crochet, vision boarding and learning machine sewing so far!


I have never made ‘proper’ vision boards before and got the prompt from my Leonie Dawson¬†workbooks and can honestly say the difference to goal setting and focus is phenomenal! Here is a really simple one I made from an old Frankie magazine I had lying around to inspire me when working on my Etsy store:


That very weekend I thrifted these:


Cool huh?

This week was half term and we were blessed with a little sunshine in London so getting outside was a priority. Sounds idyllic but in reality consisted of a stubborn toddler wanting to be carried AFTER wading through mud and a boisterous pup nearly dragging me into a pond… I’m living the life hey ūüėČ


We also cherished some down time inside and had fun with our rats. I cannot recommend pet rats highly enough as friends for sensible children, I use the term sensible loosely! Here is Melly sharing a  snack with some of our mischief:






Back to home education meets and working around the children tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Angie x


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today in pics



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Yo ho ho

Yesterday was our ‘in’ day as we like to call it. Despite presumptions of home schooled kids being stuck in not mixing with other kids our scenario is the opposite in fact and we¬†really look forward to the quiet days when we are not rushing to meet friends or off to an activity somewhere.

So¬†¬†we had a ‘Pirate Day’. I find for the young children incorporating learning into an umbrella theme provides lots of expansion from one ‘subject’ to another but allows child led learning and questions to organically evolve from whatever it is we are absorbed in at the time with no expectations or time limits.

My two little ones love cooking, baking, mixing at any opportunity¬†but I cheated and picked up a box of ‘instant’ cake mix with pirate themed toppers.


If we break down what we covered other than fine motor skills and dexterity it’s quite apparent that one task led to another.

Now the part when cakes go into the oven always leaves M asking repeatedly “Are they done yet?”

So a treasure hunt began! I cut pieces of gold (very haphazardly and quickly) out of some gold wrapping paper and hid them all over.


M made a map, not accurate in any way but something to consider if your kids are older (covering some art)¬†then dramatically went to seek out ‘the treasure’ with Immy¬†(almost 2)¬†trailing along behind.

I told her 5 pieces of gold equal 1 cake (there covers the days maths lesson!) and she was so good at hunting down treasure (read I’m so crap at hiding treasure!) that she actually managed to get 5 cakes! She was very kind and gave 2 to Immy once decorated.


We then had a pirate story (literacy) and next time plan to use face paints to practice our beards and eye patches. I suggested one of our pet rats could play the parrot as no more pets ūüėÄ

So the next time the kids are waiting for their bakes I know how I’m going to get to drink my coffee in peace ūüėČ

Angie x

P.S. I stumbled upon Bunmi Laditan on Facebook¬†last night and was stifling snorts so as not to wake the kids starfishing across my bed. Check her out if you havn’t read her work, hilarious! She had me at prison tacos…



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Chunking AKA chop shit up!

So you know you have a list of skills you dream of learning, usually written in January or nearing yet another dreaded birthday and every god damn year you skim over one or two if you are lucky, maybe take a 6 week course but in all brutal honesty you are not even slightly competent in one!

I have shit tons this year, I’m not even kidding. Craft is ‘my thing’ but my crochet is more granny square pot handler¬†than¬†crochet magazine¬†cover shot. Here’s the blanket I’m ‘about’ to start:


This year however  I have a plan. You see I started to analyse where I was going wrong and stumbed upon immersion. Now instead of debating over which new hobby out of the say 20 I wrote down in January you just take the top 4, in that order, or whatever four particularly sing to you, and dedicate 3 months immersion to each skill.

For me this means the next 10-12 weeks will focus on machine sewing. This way not only should I be half decent by the time Spring is up, I’ll know if I want to continue or move onto and invest in trying my next idea!

By chunking we save money, stop flitting and gain a DEEPER understanding and focus on one particular skill. However by pencilling in the next learning curve on the list we don’t go into panic mode that we may not get round to it, we just schedule over the year.

This may seem obvious if you are an ‘Organised Olive’ but if you are more like me going into the new year full steam ahead and booking multiple classes/lessons/tasters not only does your pocket hurt but you tend to the see attendance as a chore rather than a pleasure.

So may I suggest, chop shit up! The months of the year chopped into 3 or 4 sections gives a nice meaty timespan to immerse yourself one new talent at a time!


Much more effective ūüėČ


Angie x