I am a mum to 5 first and foremost.

I left a newly promising and much dreamed of nursing career to stay home with my kids when my relationship broke down, during that time my teenage son became newly ‘homeschooled’ and I found myself with two under 3’s with no childcare all of a sudden!

When a close friend told me I was crazy to pack in my job and stay home alone with 5 kids they joked that I would become a ‘homeschool bum’ (a negative association referring to the ethos of unschooling/life learning and the fact I would be jobless!)



However I always had a passion for self development and entrepreneurship so felt that I too could implement a life carved out my way.  In this age of technology there has never been a better time to create a life, an education or a job on your own terms so I have embraced a homeschooling life working around and amongst my children. You too can find your balance I believe, between parenting, building a career and incorporating your passions!


So I guess I am a homeschool bum depending on who you ask! Promoting life learning including ‘schooling’ my own interests, a dog/cat/rat mum, a keen entrepreneur, a wannabe traveller and generally a good egg minus my shocking ability to spew swear words often (blame my mother). I like crafting and thrifting and we live pretty frugally due to our plans to travel often and learn as we go!

When I grow up I’d like to be an author and artist (actually I am learning that I kind of am already! ) and can be found around the kitchen table with my brood debating who ate the most biscuits and ordering a child to take the bin out/do the recycling/feed the dog/remove the toddler from a great height.

I am currently absorbed in various start ups and on and offline sales, self educating myself so I can help other parents grab their passions and carve them into careers. I TRULY believe we can be anyone we choose to be and as adults we often lose that self belief along the way. If this resonates with you too then you are in the right place and I welcome you with open arms!

I also run the store Anarchy of Eden which I hope to use as a vehicle to empower women and children to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage responsible fashion/consumerism by choosing ethical garments and preloved items. We are very much interested in minimising our possessions, sustainability and respecting nature.


Lastly, I proudly own a cheese plant called Seymour who I can talk to when the shit hits the fan, locked in the bathroom with a glass of wine hiding from dogs and kids. Seymour is very non judgemental and a great listener!

You can also catch my week in pics on Facebook where we keep it real !

Thanks for stopping by…If you got to the end of this you deserve a medal!

Please subscribe to my blog to be notified on the development and release of my first ebook! I would love to send it to you as a thankyou for being a part of this journey called parenting!

Alternatively you can get in touch at anarchyofeden@outlook.com. I am always happy to hear from readers 🙂


Angie x



10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey there!

    Thanks for following us. 🙂 We actually did a re-brand (previously Etheric Archives). Bob and I are more wellness/health-focused these days. We missed everyone!

    I’m excited to be reading your posts again.



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