Meet Abdulazez, an 18-year-old photographer, graphic designer and stranded refugee

Sharing a touching example of creative living despite adversity… human kindness spreads like a ripple effect, long may it continue!


When I first met Abdulazez Dukhan, 18, we compared our cameras; his Nikon D3000 versus my Cannon Rebel T5i. We were sitting outside of an Eko gas station near Polycastro, Greece, where around 2,000 refugees have been living in tents for months.

His English was nearly perfect and his pictures were so impressive. I thought he was doing exactly as I was, volunteering at the camp while doing some photography and outreach on the side.

I would hear several others make the same incorrect assumption while spending time with him.

Abdulazez is a Syrian refugee who has spent the last three months of his life sleeping in a tent, paying €2 to shower, and eating the same meals every morning and evening. He cannot go anywhere in his rural surroundings unless by foot, otherwise it would be considered human trafficking.

Abdulazez was in his last year of secondary school when he…

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