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Liebster nomination (part 1)


I was very kindly nominated for a Liebster award by Cymbrie at Good, beautiful and true blog! Thankyou Cymbrie, I shall reveal 11 facts about me and answer the following questions and nominate 11 blogs asking those same questions 🙂

In this 2 part post I will start with 11 facts, then you can eagerly await the second part including your possible nomination!

If I do nominate you feel free to decline, ignore me or tell me to bugger off! I won’t mind a bit.

So here goes!

  1. I am floating somewhere between OCD and a disorganised messy creative daily! This really confuses me, I have the negative traits of both and therefore obsess over what some would call ‘minor details’ like arranging a vase of flowers (I am talking tantrums over getting it just right) yet struggle to keep my sink clear of dishes and my laundry basket overflowing!!
  2. I have 19 pets (yes I did just count using my fingers to be sure).
  3. I was going to call my daughter November Rain (you know Guns n Roses) well luckily for her she was born on the 1st December!
  4. I am obsessed with taking photographs yet know zero about cameras or photography, I have been known to relight my childrens birthday candles and ask them to blow them out again to get a great shot (sorry kids).
  5. I LOVE catching frogs, newts and holding snails – respectfully and I always put them back I should add.
  6. My children ask me why I like to listen to ‘Weed’ music because a lot of the lyrics I sing promote its usage, yet I do not smoke marijuana… I just love acoustic Reggae is all!
  7. I have a geographical tongue (it is pretty gross actually)
  8. on that note I had a suspicious mole surgically removed (thankfully benign) and still miss the ‘malteser’/’my third nipple’ to this day
  9. I love crochet but don’t make things/advance my craft enough, instead I buy craft magazines and yarn and just dream about what I will make soon 🙂
  10. I was a registered nurse and particularly love serving elderly clients with respect and understanding to the point I still remember names and faces
  11. I have the best mother but it took me maybe 25-30 years to fully appreciate how much she supports/is there for me (go hug your mum)

Go check out the wonderful Good Beautiful and True to catch Cymbrie’s facts 🙂






One thought on “Liebster nomination (part 1)

  1. Great post. Wow, 19 pets. You must really have a tender heart for animals. It is always fun to get to know the person behind the blog a bit more:) I relate a lot to # 9. I love to knit, but am a perpetual beginner. I think I need some lessons to progress, but the time for that never seems to happen. I would love to learn to make little crochet animals. Hopefully someday.


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