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Time blocking


I want to make confession, I hope you don’t mind if I share with you as I sit typing in the dark next to a sleeping toddler…

I put things off, a lot! Like really adulty things, things I know are for the good of everyone but I get carried away with ideas, creations and pulled into Facebook discussions and what everyone wants for tea tomorrow and before you know it a week has passed.

At this point your to do list gets overpowered by a new to do list and this in turn leads to either overwhelm or just complete denial.

I have the solution but don’t always use it.

There’s no secret to it, so simple and effective, in fact so much so I’m on fire and can’t sleep. I’ve updated my little shop website (I am so not techy!) AND linked a new blog to it and written 3 posts on my shop blog… doesn’t sound like much but you wouldn’t believe how much I have put this off!

We are bombarded with tasks and distractions and if we don’t use the right mindset tools we will continue to swim against the tide.

You probably know it already and honestly sometimes as much as we roll our eyes, tried and tested methods just work! Well they are tried and tested!! Use them! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

So 50 minutes time blocking right now! It was Brendon Burchard that whipped me into this habit! Laser focus for 50 minutes dedicated to each task, social media off, door shut, no interruptions!

Timer on and just do it! I am sure you will get into the zone and steam through what you have been putting off. See it as a mission! Go go go!


7 thoughts on “Time blocking

  1. Hi. I’m visiting from A Momma’s View Weekly Picks! I love this tip. I’ve been doing something similar called the Pomodoro Technique, except I work in 25-minute bursts, with a 5-min break before starting again. There’s even a little app on my phone that I use for the timer. So helpful!

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