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when the going gets tough, the tough get quiet


I’ve noticed a pattern, a way in which certain personalities ‘cope’ during stress, tough times, exhaustion.

I think of myself as a bit of a toughy and at times am actually proud of this label.

I mean who wants to be a victim? Seen as weak, a non coper?…

Except I’m starting to realise that by embracing ones weaknesses is not being weak, it is in fact showing your strength. Self awareness of ones limitations leads to greater capacity to ride rough seas. In an age of expanding consciousness self awareness allows us to nurture ourselves and recover quicker in times of trauma or stressful experiences.

The last few weeks have been such a period for me. Feeling helpless or alone can lead to self doubt and retraction from your goals and that’s ok. As long as we use these feelings to assess ways in which to conquer these obstacles and progress past them.

What’s not ok is to absorb negativity and not neutralise it. Do not wallow in these feelings, shrink away and disappear inside yourself. You cannot always control the outer environment, but the inner is yours and yours alone to master.

I’m cross with myself these last few weeks. I fell into old patterns that allowed me to plod through the days mundane tasks as a way to drown out the purposeful acts that I need to pursue to get to a place called ME!

Then I read this quote:


You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

I sometimes feel I can’t parent, keep house, work from home and juggle life alone. We can, it’s not a case of ‘having it all’. It is a case of doing what we can, when we can, with what we have and begin from there.

It is easy to be hard on ourselves no matter who we are or where we are but we must push ourselves to seek out what we need to do to get to not what we want, or where we want but to WHO we strive to be …


2 thoughts on “when the going gets tough, the tough get quiet

  1. We all have our days- beating ourselves up about it doesn’t help either, sometimes we get into that cycle though. We can’t all be happy, productive, and everything we want to be every single day- although it would be nice, right?


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