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3 reasons why everyone should own pet rats


Since my teens, I have owned numerous rats and until you live and care for these little mischiefs you just cannot appreciate their appeal. If you are considering keeping rats then here are three points to sway you!

  1. if you love dogs then you will love rats! They are dog like – affectionate, trainable and responsive minus the long walks in the rain, scooping poop and wet dog smells!
  2. rats love companionship, in fact it would be cruel to keep just one, and watching them interact with each other is just so much fun. They play, squabble and cuddle up and family dynamics are very entertaining.
  3. they make great friends for children and adults alike, especially for those who live in small spaces or cannot physically manage exercising a larger pet. They enjoy coming out to play and interact with their owners (just make sure the environment is safe and secure – we call it rat proofing!)



This is one of our new adoptees – ‘Hearty’ Melly aged 4 named her 🙂 she was hand reared so is super tame and playful!

Do you have pet rats? Have you had any in the past?

Or are you afraid of rats? If so we hope we may have swayed you a little!

Angie x


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