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giving is living


In the pursuit of a well rounded life there is an area that is apparent to me to be crucial to satisfaction, positivity and self worth. This is the area of giving.

Despite being tired, pressured and strained there is nothing as rewarding as serving others. Children, elderly, animals – any ‘vulnerable’ group,  I believe the secret to true appreciation of able self is being of service in a giving role.

Yesterday I applied for such a role, regardless of if you want a ‘job’ on your terms or to be your own boss, I believe in the power of community. The importance of giving. Of serving others in need of a service.

We can be anything we wish, artists, authors, empire builders, anything! We can disappear into solitary bliss and create our best work BUT do not ever lose connecting with other human spirits. Challenging, adapting relationships. To be human means to intertwine with other souls.

Do you feel the same? How do you maintain giving, to yourself and others?



3 thoughts on “giving is living

  1. Thanks for this post! “Give is living.” What a great mantra. 🙂

    A sense of Community and Solidarity is crucial to our existence. Without it, we’re merely “getting by,” not truly living.

    I feel like sharing the wisdom we have learned with others is our way of giving back. It’s important to spread inspiration like wildfire instead of holding it in.

    By giving, we receive so much more.

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