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3 steps to a stylish minimal wardrobe


Being ‘Eco’ conscious does not mean losing your edge and standing out in the crowd beats following the latest trend with ease. I am a huge fan of ethical fashion but also enjoy thrifting and saving money so here are three ways you can declutter for Spring and spruce up your look at the same time.

What’s your trademark?

Forget about being seen in the same thing twice, people with substance ALWAYS rock that one item in various ways! It is COOL to have that ONE staple piece.

Which leads us onto…


Choose pieces with many uses – a modern day compound wardrobe! Items you can dress up, dress down, layer, tuck in – you get the picture! Have fun with this!


This is where you think outside the box. Oversized items are great! Kid’s sections are fun and appealing not to mention pricing is a bonus! Opposite gender stereotypes, if you are a woman hit the men’s section and a man, well vice versa! See what’s on offer. Not only does this exhume confidence and originality you can also celebrate equality.

You got this!





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