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on becoming a digital bookworm



Are you sitting on a mountain of books? Do you keep starting titles then get drawn into the bookstore and leave with a dent in your wallet and an armful of new books, yet you can’t even decide which one to start first! Do you have a half read book in each bag or holdall and now and again you uncover a book you had forgot about?

This is me. I have a Kindle too, I won’t comment on how many titles I’ve downloaded and not finished. You see I love to read. Reading is high on my top 5 of favourite things to do.

The problem with physical reading for me… I have to multitask, a lot and often!

I can’t multitask when I read. In fact other than sip a hot drink and snack on things I probably shouldn’t or bathe there isn’t much else I can do whilst reading.

So I sit into the night or worse, forget my chores and errands and escape into my book only to be rudely disturbed by life!!

So I did it…

It was Tim’s fault…

It’s been on my to do list for ages and I’ve finally bit the 30 day free trial bullet…

Now you’re probably thinking so what?! Big deal!!

But I’m old school! Really old school…

Like sniff the pages, hug my new title, stroke the cover old school

This is gonna be hard for me!

The last title I listened to was The BFG by Roald Dahl on CASSETTE when I was about 9 years old.

Go ahead and laugh but I’ll have the last laugh because guess what I’m doing right now?…

I m actually typing as I listen to my first AUDIBLE book.

I’m not shitting you, I am currently enjoying my ‘book’ whilst blogging!

Now that’s productive.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not natural but I’m determined,

Just think of how many books I can cover each year this way!!

Yes I am an audiobook convert and I’m hoping with Audible I can feed the hunger without sacrificing time!

Are you a fan of audiobooks? Which app do you use?

I’ll let you know how I progress,

Angie x


5 thoughts on “on becoming a digital bookworm

  1. Oh I could have wrote something very similar, I’ve so many books on my kindle which I’ve started and haven’t yet finished and also 3 books on my bedside table! I’ve never tried an audiobook so will be interested in any recommendations.

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  2. I was the same. There were so many books that I wanted to read but never managed to finish any. There just weren’t enough of time in a day to just sit and read ! I discovered Audible a few years ago when I was part of a book club. That was the only way for me to at least finish a book every now and then and be able to discuss it with the group. Now I listen to a book most days, while doing a million other things.

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