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5 ways to sell clothing online


If you are a mum you will understand children grow like weeds and letting clothing build up can provide a mountain of clutter taking up precious space in your home not to mention cluttering up your mind!  We try not to have ridiculous amounts of clothing, you can download my checklist soon for achieving a minimal kids wardrobe.

Each season I sort through clothes that no longer fit or get worn very little. For the record I genuinely cannot remember when I purchased brand new clothes from the high street (here’s why). All our clothes are either hand me downs, second hand bought or made by myself! We do however accept gifts from friends and relatives and in no way judge anyone’s shopping choices!

If you are interested in sustainable fashion though  here is a good place to start to get you thinking about alternative options to fast fashion and the ethics of the current industry.


So lets get started, all you need is a camera or smart phone (make sure your flash is off), some  good natural lighting and preferably a light clear background (I like a white painted wall) or some raw wood floorboards I always find compliment nicely, such as these boots I thrifted and sold on:


As you can probably guess I am  in no way a knowledgeable photographer and we are never aiming for perfection here as time is our most valuable commodity so don’t get caught up in the details! Just take your shots, give a quick edit if necessary and upload.  Speaking of edits, do not alter the filter – you need your pics to stay true to your item so as not to miss sell on colour or material for example.

If  you do not use Photoshop or any other professional editing tools (like myself, its on my to do list to learn though!) try PicMonkey. I find this a cheap, beginner friendly app with some really valuable filter and text tools I use for fun and also for blogging, Facebook, and Etsy posts. Here is a simple example of text layered over your photo:


So! Here are five platforms for selling your unwanted clothing!

1. ebay – a busy, BUSY online marketplace that sells just about anything you can imagine. Be mindful of your descriptions as this will get you seen if a buyer is searching a particular item. Size and brand is a common search detail and you have the option to auction your items or sell at a fixed price.

2. Etsy – handmade or vintage goods are featured here and at a small listing price can be displayed for a few months so not as fast paced as our last contender, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on how desperate you are to clear out! Very user friendly/learn as you go format.

3. Shopify – I loved Shopify, the professional look of an ecommerce store with all the trimmings you could possibly hope for. However, I personally couldn’t justify the running costs due to being a small scale start up. I am still a huge fan and if you are not techy like me you can still enjoy a polished and impressive looking store with bells and whistles at varying prices dependent on your needs and budget.

4. your local Facebook selling site – usually free, usually local, there are loads of them, just use your FB search box. If you do not enjoy packing and post office trips this is a good option as buyers generally come to collect goods. Do note –  be sure of authenticity before dishing out your address to any Tom, Dick or Harry! Safety first!

5. a car boot/jumble or yard sale – fun, gets you out for the day, your kids can get involved but if you have no access to a vehicle or do not enjoy the risk of low foot traffic on a certain day or the weather keeping your customers indoors then you may spend more money than you make on cups of coffee and your entrance fee.

I always have a time span for sales and what does not sell after a designated slot I donate to charity, if you do not drive there is plenty of charity pick ups that will happily come fetch your goods or ask around in your community, clothes swaps are always fun and you get to meet people too!

I would love to hear any tips I can use in future! How do you keep organised and what selling platform do you prefer? What don’t you like about sites you have used so far?

I hope this encourages you to declutter, my mind is clear when my environment is 🙂

Angie x




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