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1 simple way to hit your goals


Be it physical goals such as walking 3 x weekly or financial goals, for example saving 10% income every month there are very simple yet effective habits to boost your likelihood of achievement. Do you want to be a better mother,partner, employee?

How can you better yourself, I challenge any human to refuse the quest for self improvement be it physical, emotional, intellectual, financial I doubt there is no man on Earth of sound mind truly happy to plod through life indifferent. He may deny it or profess it to strangers, but either way we all strive for more, better, improved aspects of ourselves, do we not?

So without further ado,  the one simple way to begin,



Be it an idea, a ball park figure, a to do list,whatever, write it down!!! There is ridiculous amounts of research correlating achieving goals with writing them down.

You are not the ‘journalling’ sort?  Then use Evernote  or post it notes and tack it to your fridge or mirror! It does not matter how, just do it!

There’s a saying I learnt as a nursing student regarding documentation:

If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen

Well let us adjust that to if you don’t write it down it may not happen, don’t chance it, don’t question it, just go put it down… NOW!

Are you still here?…

I’m hoping it is because like me, of course you write your goals down.

It really isn’t that difficult to write a list of desires, dreams, to dos or whatever you want to label them as.

What can be hard is the specifics, not the how, you must believe you will figure that out, but the whys. Your whys.

Unpicking why you want what you want can be tricky, but also enlightening. It is the whys that drive us, not the wants. You can tell a great deal about people from what is that they hope to achieve. It is easy to judge people’s wants if we are really honest. However no one can assume their why…. and that’s a good thing because we must focus on our own reasons. Our true reasons for progressing towards our life’s intentions leads us to great clarity about our true selves.

Wealth, recognition, respect, love, acceptance, to name a few.

Knowing our true intentions helps steer us away from wasting time rolling along aimlessly down the wrong track. Asking better questions; is this action pushing me towards my goals? Is this decision a productive one?

If we really analyse what we want we can eliminate what we think we want and replace it with a higher quality plan to a life lived attaining purpose and meaning.

That is our shared goal as a species I believe.






7 thoughts on “1 simple way to hit your goals

  1. Whatever you do, don’t give up or stop posting on this blog. I love reading it as much as you do, and I can already see you following in my footsteps to get to where I am now. Just keep up your nice work! It just takes spending a little bit of time everyday to put in the effort that really makes the big difference everyday. Alright!


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