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modern day mother?

My youngest turns 2 tomorrow

I have for the most part been her sole carer

It has been tough, exhausting yet pure and primal

I quit a 40 hour week to stay with her

I CHOSE to co sleep and nurse on demand

You could say in this day and age, in the western world that is, we can have it all.

We can have a career, alongside motherhood. Be treated on par with our male counterparts. Anything they can achieve we can too…

But at what cost?

Expressing breast milk locked in a side room yearning for our infant to release our ache, is this the success you speak of?

Can mothers  have it all?…

Creeping out at 6am whilst you were sleeping and hearing you murmur ‘mama’, is this the success you speak of?

For every action there is a reaction, for every choice a consequence…

Getting a text message informing me that you took a step…

Hearing you call me the name of your nanny, for she is the one who tends your woes most often

Is this what we fought for? Did we sacrifice to end up sacrificing?

There is no black and white in this,

The world is give and take

The question is

What will you give?…

What will it cost?

Is there a better way?




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