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Why you should be an ant


I listen to a lot of Jim Rohn lately, in fact I urge anyone that is struggling with clarity, direction, motivation, anything really that requires change and action to find your ‘toolbox’ of speakers. Jim Rohn is one of mine and thanks to YouTube and the like we are spoilt for choice in terms of material. We are just so so lucky that at the click of a mouse we can be exposed to so much knowledge. We can absorb so much guidance, inspiration and ingredients to improve our lives.

Implementation is key and I think taking specific action towards our goals helps us avoid being busy doing nothing!

In one talk Mr Rohn mentions how we can be like ants, the way ants will go over, under, even around to continue on their path. Ants will remain focused on getting to where they need to go.

I got to thinking, about ants! 🙂

About their incredible strength, everyone has watched an ant as a child march with some little leaf litter or sweet matter as big as itself across a paving slab or lawn. At what point, if an ant partook in human thought of course, would such an ant realise it could muster so much power?

Imagine if ingrained in us we had that certainty of strength and determination, surrounded by others gregariously marching on towards our purpose.

Imagine if we looked around and such boldness was a given!

Are we not also a colony that must slave away for a higher good, we can be free thinking and acting of course, for the most part, depending on our circumstances.

Yet we must remember what we can achieve, what is possible. Avoid the distractions and overcome the hurdles. Yes we may be forced to veer off course but that does not mean we stop or turn back around. We must adjust and sometimes take the longer path,the dangerous path even, not just give up because we feel small.

I remembered a poem by Phyllis Trussler that sums up my thoughts on this matter:

The small boy heard the mountain speak

There are secrets on my highest peak

But beware, my boy, the passing of time

Wait not too long to start the climb.

So quickly come and go the years

And young man stands below with fears

Come on, come on, the mountain cussed

Time presses on: Oh climb you must.

Now he is busied in middle age prime

And maybe tomorrow he’ll take the climb

Now is too soon: It’s raining today

Gone, all gone, years are eaten away.

An old man looks up, still feeling the lure

Yet he’ll suffer the pain, not climb for the cure

The hair is white, the step is slow

And it’s safer and warmer to stay here below.

So all too soon the secrets are buried

Along with him and regrets he carried

And it’s not for loss of secrets he’d cried

But rather because he’d never tried.


Keep climbing,

Angie x






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