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5 quick, cheap and simple breakfasts


When time is not on our side or if like me you have a lot of kids the best way to plough through the morning routine is to have some fast, nutritious breakfasts to avoid being late or filling your kids with rubbish which will leave them hungry faster!

We are in no way strict with healthy eating, in fact I lean towards unschooling food.

However plenty times I have made the mistake of dishing out one of those chocolaty cereal bars which would not sustain an ant for longer than an hour.

I also find having a set choice avoids the “I’m hungry, what is there to eat” scenario where you reel off a menu a café would be proud of. Which then leads to “what else have you got?” Like 20 options are not enough!

Cost hugely factors in when comes to meals for us.

So here is our 5 breakfast go to’s on a busy morning:

  1. Weetabix (plain, simple and not too full of crap despite the requests of sugar on top!)

  2.  fruit – apricots and raisins are a particular favourite if appetites are low, a banana, or a smoothie (I add a handful of oats for slow release energy, it makes a much more filling portion)

  3. nuts – Melly can never resist cashews, peanuts too as she enjoys de-shelling them, nut butters always go down well also on wholemeal or a side of youghurt

  4. eggs – usually scrambled, although a pancake is quick, easy and good to add a tasty added topping to!

  5. porridge (usually with a little maple syrup on top)

To be productive everyone needs to know the options and the whereabouts of ingredients; there is no faffing about or grabbing at biscuits in desperation to fill a hole! Simple, effective, nutritious and timely!

You may think this menu is obvious? However I personally have met many who either skip breakfast on the regular or are spending silly money on over branded, over expensive kids cereals that have no nutritional value. We buy those too, don’t get me wrong, but don’t have a cupboard spilling over with them because every week they are bought on a whim!

You can save lazy days for more drawn out affairs but if you want to get the troops moving have a set plan and implement! That’s what I call parenting like a boss 😉

Angie x



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