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I am just a mum

Today I am just mum, like any other.

I received a lovely bunch of Fairtrade yellow roses from my mum/the children and a handmade card from Melly and some art from Immy she made with her lovely childminder.

What I didn’t get was any respite between children bouncing around, dogs underfoot and a poorly toddler who managed to pretty much vomit on me during dinner!

But hey, what is mothers day without the ones that make you a mother?

I’m smiling because any plans to read, have a bath in peace, breakfast in bed or a little quiet crochet went out the window. With an almost 2 year old wanting to nurse for hours at a time those luxuries were pretty impossible. Instead my gift today was something much more meaningful. My gift was the realisation that I am the kind of mother I need to be.

Not a perfect one. Not always a calm one. As mothers we have so much to live up to. Our appearance, our relationships, our duties, how we manage our time.

Today my gift to myself and to you is this… know that

we are strong, we are capable, we are tired (speaking for myself!)

 BUT we are enough.

Seeing as I took no pictures today due to a clingy sicky toddler on my hip I will leave you with a very raw picture of me, one I once hated as I was exhausted, bare faced, hungry and a little sad. I had just driven 6 hours through the night to spare the little ones travelling long distances awake. That’s what mama’s do don’t we? I now embrace this me, I don’t always like her, sometimes I don’t want to be her, but I am learning to love her and tell her she is ENOUGH.


Happy Mothers Day.

Angie x


8 thoughts on “I am just a mum

  1. What a sweet picture. I so miss those little heads nestled under my chin since mine have grown. Actually – they still occasionally snuggle up against me on the settee, head on shoulder even now they’re grown up. It’s lovely!

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