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3 reasons why everyone should own pet rats


Since my teens, I have owned numerous rats and until you live and care for these little mischiefs you just cannot appreciate their appeal. If you are considering keeping rats then here are three points to sway you!

  1. if you love dogs then you will love rats! They are dog like – affectionate, trainable and responsive minus the long walks in the rain, scooping poop and wet dog smells!
  2. rats love companionship, in fact it would be cruel to keep just one, and watching them interact with each other is just so much fun. They play, squabble and cuddle up and family dynamics are very entertaining.
  3. they make great friends for children and adults alike, especially for those who live in small spaces or cannot physically manage exercising a larger pet. They enjoy coming out to play and interact with their owners (just make sure the environment is safe and secure – we call it rat proofing!)



This is one of our new adoptees – ‘Hearty’ Melly aged 4 named her 🙂 she was hand reared so is super tame and playful!

Do you have pet rats? Have you had any in the past?

Or are you afraid of rats? If so we hope we may have swayed you a little!

Angie x

5 things

5 things this week


5 things this week that have caught my eye…

  1. The amazing Isuu, I cannot believe I did not know about Isuu up until now! Free to read publications, some of the magazines are just beautiful and there is even a free option to dive into digital publishing yourself, take a look!
  2. The stunningly captivating art dolls of Romina Berenice Canet.
  3. Pet workshops, as a home education opportunity we are booked for a rabbit workshop . Free and various pets showcased.
  4. Downloading Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book tonight as have heard so much about it. I think it’s time to tackle those money blocks! Have you read it?
  5. This cookbook – I picked up at a charity shop and as big curry fans so far so good!


Enjoy 🙂

Angie x

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colourful spring

IMG_7906.JPGSometimes I can’t decide if I want to keep a thrift find for the girls 🙂

This colourful sweater reminds me to embrace a colourful year which leads me on to say…


Happy Holi 🙂 What a beautiful colourful and love filled way to mark the season!

We have had a very busy week in the run up to Easter, learning about the origins, decorating craft items and making treats!


Easter lolly moulds from Aldi

Angie x



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the non eventful breastfeeding committee


So Jamie Oliver has spoken out I noticed, breastfeeding is his right as well as anyone else’s to discuss in my opinion, speaking of which I guess I could call myself a breastfeeding pro although I wouldn’t really dare, ever…

I was brought up by a very private mother, the opposite of my household where we don’t even have a lock on the bathroom door (if it’s ajar bathroom is vacant, closed to, you knock and check, no biggie).

My father left at a young age and my mother remarried so in terms of male physique that too was hidden for reasons of appropriateness, around children that aren’t biologically yours I imagine the case to be.

I then became a teenage mum in a household of two brothers and said mother plus step parent and so bodies were private, to be shielded, making walking from bathroom to bedroom a speed walking exercise and regarding my baby, as a self conscious 17 year old, I chose to bottle feed him I am guessing for the above reasons and bore the brunt of the motherhood shaming brigade. The thing they don’t tell mothers, of any age is this… you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. If its not bad enough adults judging you just wait till your own offspring can feedback on your abilities! Accept this and run with it, you and they will survive!

By child number 4 life was my own and living on my own at a time when social media made breastfeeding pics cool and the finger up to society I vowed I would give it a shot.

I even proudly posted a fair few Instagram pro breaftfeeding pics as had become the done thing in the sisterhood of the boob. It was still all pretty novel to me.

By number 5  it was just natural, non eventful, no big deal.

I tandem fed alongside number 4 by instinct not passion.

However at times people would ask about my breastfeeding experiences and shrink back on the realisation of me feeding a 3 yr old alongside her newborn sister.

Instead of proudly displaying another breastfeeding selfie or arguing my right I would just shrug and change the subject.

You see I guess I am ‘pro breastfeeding’ but at the same time I am in no place to advise what’s right for you, when you should stop, how you should wean, how many babies one can feed at the same time!

I am just mothering my way and appreciate you leaving me to it, by all means if you want to reach out and ask for help I will try my best, but you know, we are all just winging it.

So instead of the middle finger response or a judgemental comment I’ll just be sat in the corner non eventfully breastfeeding because to me this indicates the normalisation of breastfeeding, a day when I don’t have to point it out nor argue my right to do so. Feel free to come sit at my table but please let us talk about something other than boobs, after over 4 years at this breast feeding lark, they are starting to bore me.


Note: above customary breastfeeding selfie. Non eventful facial expression. Totally normal, unglamourous, border line boring 😉

Angie x



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Today in pics


We went to an Easter Fayre today, a charity fundraiser in aid of St John’s Hospice. It was chilly but the girls didn’t seem to mind. We sampled some delicious street food to keep us warm. As you can see it was all about the Churro’s! We found a recipe to try them at home, with the chocolate dipping sauce I can see these becoming addictive! Immy was VERY impressed! Have you tried Churro’s?

Angie x


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Get shit done (a quick rule of thumb)



If you struggle to complete all your tasks in a day it is really important to be ruthless. At the end of the day getting SOME done rather than none, or worse all to a low standard, is far better than spending half your day procrastinating.

The art of SUBTRACTION allows us to minimise and simplify our goals and I truly believe keeping things simple is key to clarity and rapid productivity.

Now the ruthless part, once you have a list of ‘to do’s’ you need to scrap off half. You heard right, half.  Don’t think too much into this, I trust you are not silly and will instinctually know what to draw a line through. Remember we are not erasing them forever, we are just subtracting for TODAY. All we have is today so let’s continue to the next step…

PRIORITISE, gift yourself half the new list to take on, 25 % of your original list you will tackle head on in order of priority, ticking off as you go. No ifs or buts as it is only a quarter of the workload 😉

Which leaves us with 25% that you need to realistically DELEGATE. Delegation is your new best friend. Now the important thing to know about delegation is it is not passing the buck or shifting the blame if your shit doesn’t get done. No, you are accountable still and you are the overseer of set tasks. What you must not do though is loom over the shoulder of the delegated individual. The key points are to pick wisely who or how the task needs to be tackled, communicate expectations that MUST be within the realms of that persons abilities for example, and have a timely expectation verbalised and mutually agreed on. Meaning I’m not going to let my 4 year old walk the 35kg Labrador mix! Or ask someone to make a phone call on my behalf but give no set limit to when it needs to be done by.

Once you delegate step back and only check in when it is necessary – when the task should be complete or you need to assist or clarify should a complication arise.

Remember if we are blessed there is always tomorrow and the more you practice this method of getting shit done the more productive you will become. It is far better to complete important goals with gusto than to skim over the surface of a mountain of things to do and chase your tail all day.

I really hope this helps if like me sometimes you  feel so overwhelmed with everything you must juggle to get what’s needed done.




Self development

giving is living


In the pursuit of a well rounded life there is an area that is apparent to me to be crucial to satisfaction, positivity and self worth. This is the area of giving.

Despite being tired, pressured and strained there is nothing as rewarding as serving others. Children, elderly, animals – any ‘vulnerable’ group,  I believe the secret to true appreciation of able self is being of service in a giving role.

Yesterday I applied for such a role, regardless of if you want a ‘job’ on your terms or to be your own boss, I believe in the power of community. The importance of giving. Of serving others in need of a service.

We can be anything we wish, artists, authors, empire builders, anything! We can disappear into solitary bliss and create our best work BUT do not ever lose connecting with other human spirits. Challenging, adapting relationships. To be human means to intertwine with other souls.

Do you feel the same? How do you maintain giving, to yourself and others?