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Mama tired

I often get asked why I use a childminder, in context to not just putting my daughter in nursery 5 days a week. Some people think I’m wasting money. I debated my decision surrounding trialling childcare and currently for 2 days (6 hours x 2 ) my two youngest spend time together with a lovely childminder and her two children.

The benefits of this far outweigh the cons but I am aware of the guilt tripping that goes on  in using childcare.  I have never had a childminder before (for my three teenage children I had their father stepping in for study/work schedule and my mother occasionally) and so I never realised how much of a shift in my lifestyle having some regular scheduled help as a single mother would impact my week.

If you like me work from home you will know that the boundaries between work, kids and house merge into manic chaos and at the end of the day I question what exactly I managed to get done other than keep everyone alive and no major accident occurring is always a bonus. Anyone else working from home feel like this? Do you wander from your workspace to tidy up, then put the kettle on, then do some laundry and before you know it it’s time to collect the kids, get dinner on and walk the dog?!  I have some tips in an upcoming post about getting stuff done working from home soon.

This past week was the half term week ( in the UK) meaning I have an extra two kids home and my to do list has basically gone out the window! I’m zapped! Five kids ranging from 17 down to almost 2 has been amazingly exhausting! We’ve laughed, ate, argued, attempted to go outside with the dogs and kids at the same time and made an almighty mess! It’s been great and insane!



I miss my childminder! There I said it, and you know, I say that with no guilt whatsoever.

So if you are a homeschooler or full time mum or like me a single parent and find yourself needing the help of outside parties but feel that this makes you any less of a parent  I want you to know that putting your needs first is paramount to running a tight ship!

Lifestyle design is all about self preservation, delegation and balance. After all as mothers, if we are not meeting our own needs how the hell are we going to meet our childrens?

Now excuse me while I go lie in the fetal position on the bathroom floor…


Angie x

P.S. Obviously that pic above is not me, as if I’ve had time to shave my legs this week! For your information I’d be lucky to pee in peace! Plus sleep?! What’s that?!! 😉





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