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Yo ho ho

Yesterday was our ‘in’ day as we like to call it. Despite presumptions of home schooled kids being stuck in not mixing with other kids our scenario is the opposite in fact and we really look forward to the quiet days when we are not rushing to meet friends or off to an activity somewhere.

So  we had a ‘Pirate Day’. I find for the young children incorporating learning into an umbrella theme provides lots of expansion from one ‘subject’ to another but allows child led learning and questions to organically evolve from whatever it is we are absorbed in at the time with no expectations or time limits.

My two little ones love cooking, baking, mixing at any opportunity but I cheated and picked up a box of ‘instant’ cake mix with pirate themed toppers.


If we break down what we covered other than fine motor skills and dexterity it’s quite apparent that one task led to another.

Now the part when cakes go into the oven always leaves M asking repeatedly “Are they done yet?”

So a treasure hunt began! I cut pieces of gold (very haphazardly and quickly) out of some gold wrapping paper and hid them all over.


M made a map, not accurate in any way but something to consider if your kids are older (covering some art) then dramatically went to seek out ‘the treasure’ with Immy (almost 2) trailing along behind.

I told her 5 pieces of gold equal 1 cake (there covers the days maths lesson!) and she was so good at hunting down treasure (read I’m so crap at hiding treasure!) that she actually managed to get 5 cakes! She was very kind and gave 2 to Immy once decorated.


We then had a pirate story (literacy) and next time plan to use face paints to practice our beards and eye patches. I suggested one of our pet rats could play the parrot as no more pets 😀

So the next time the kids are waiting for their bakes I know how I’m going to get to drink my coffee in peace 😉

Angie x

P.S. I stumbled upon Bunmi Laditan on Facebook last night and was stifling snorts so as not to wake the kids starfishing across my bed. Check her out if you havn’t read her work, hilarious! She had me at prison tacos…




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