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Chunking AKA chop shit up!

So you know you have a list of skills you dream of learning, usually written in January or nearing yet another dreaded birthday and every god damn year you skim over one or two if you are lucky, maybe take a 6 week course but in all brutal honesty you are not even slightly competent in one!

I have shit tons this year, I’m not even kidding. Craft is ‘my thing’ but my crochet is more granny square pot handler than crochet magazine cover shot. Here’s the blanket I’m ‘about’ to start:


This year however  I have a plan. You see I started to analyse where I was going wrong and stumbed upon immersion. Now instead of debating over which new hobby out of the say 20 I wrote down in January you just take the top 4, in that order, or whatever four particularly sing to you, and dedicate 3 months immersion to each skill.

For me this means the next 10-12 weeks will focus on machine sewing. This way not only should I be half decent by the time Spring is up, I’ll know if I want to continue or move onto and invest in trying my next idea!

By chunking we save money, stop flitting and gain a DEEPER understanding and focus on one particular skill. However by pencilling in the next learning curve on the list we don’t go into panic mode that we may not get round to it, we just schedule over the year.

This may seem obvious if you are an ‘Organised Olive’ but if you are more like me going into the new year full steam ahead and booking multiple classes/lessons/tasters not only does your pocket hurt but you tend to the see attendance as a chore rather than a pleasure.

So may I suggest, chop shit up! The months of the year chopped into 3 or 4 sections gives a nice meaty timespan to immerse yourself one new talent at a time!


Much more effective 😉


Angie x


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