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Putting it out there

Charles Darwin, Scientists, Theory Of Evolution

I cannot be the only homeschooler with dreams of worldschooling.  In fact I know I’m not because weekly I see the same question posed again and again on social media homeschool groups:

“how can I earn a living whilst travelling with my kids?”

Now as an avid reader of titles such as the 4 hour work week, free range human and a few other titles I plan to review for readers this year the running themes I have implemented so far are as follows:


  1. be a non conformist anti system badass!
  2. find and know your passion:; what is your expert area?
  3. harness that bucking bronco and ride it!
  4. make sure you scream it from the rooftops to the audience that ‘needs’ it ( be it a service, product, or information)
  5. once you have a system in order to replace you or your efforts at delivering the above repeat with something else you are good at or love to do OR expand further on your primary passion!

You MUST think outside the box, be multifaceted (even if this branches out from one common area) and be willing to analyse what works and what doesn’t. All along listening to your clients/customers/readers.

Now go brainstorm on a napkin!

I hope this helps to narrow down the possibility of a location independent lifestyle.

Angie x


“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men” Charles Darwin



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