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Change your environment

For a long time, well over 2 years , so a little debate about how long is long there, I have lived at an address I’ve felt uneasy at.

Between a new baby, numerous pets and trying to juggle working from home and meeting the needs of 5 children I have neglected this space. I have complained about it, verbally made known my dislike for living here and detached myself from this house. I have continued to act as if I’m just temporarily stopping here and poured no love, money or effort into its maintenance…

It was time to STOP!

I decided to stop making excuses as to why it is tired, messy and unloved.

Stop being ungrateful!

I was the problem, not this house!

Where I was mentally when moving in, I attached that vibe to this poor old house.

It’s not my house, I’d say, so why bother… I’ll leave as soon as I can I told people, but you can’t move out of your own self I realised…

You reap what you sow…

For the last 6 weeks or so I have given away sack fulls of belongings to charity.

Friday I began painting, no more excuses. No more thoughts of “I don’t have time to do this” “this should be a mans job” “I don’t want to waste money on materials” “I’m too tired”


You see your space says a lot about where you are at. Be it a humble room in social housing or a rambling old house is irrelevant. How YOU orchestrate your living space speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for.

Cleansing a space cleanses the mind. It’s extraordinary the energy that comes from a well nurtured space.

Like attracts like and I urge you to welcome in the new of Spring by sprucing up your space.

I listen to Jim Rohn as I paint and have found my flow.

Now excuse me while I go pick up a paintbrush, I have a long way to go but don’t we all 😉

Angie x

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Taking the good from the bad

I holidayed in Cornwall last year, my ex partner came along and it was an experience to say the least. I spent most days crying in private from frustration (various personal reasons I hope to talk about in the future). I funded the trip, drove there and even gave him ‘spending money’ as he was strapped for cash at the time. This won’t be an ex bashing post I promise, I’m actually going somewhere with this!

The trip taught me a lot of lessons. I often went off alone as avoided him as much as possible but knew giving my kids the experience with their dad went above my wants and needs.

The saying ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’ sums up that time in my life.

During that trip I read The Four Hour Work Week during my hours of ex partner avoidance! I am a big Tim Ferris fan and highly recommend his podcasts, I listen to them in the bath often!

I also got to take long beach walks and question my self development, where my life was going, what I wanted…

There’s something about thinking as you look out to sea that gives me great clarity and grounds myself.


During the evenings I draughted notes regarding what I needed to do to get myself back on track in life; work, motherhood, spiritually, socially and physically. I wanted to find balance, focus and change.

When that trip was over I had learnt many lessons. Those of tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness.

I also learnt about self preservation. Sometimes you just have to set boundaries to respect yourself and stop negative people stomping all over your lenience.

I realised there must be thousands of women before me that felt so at a loss, vulnerable to embrace change and become strong! I ended up telling myself to follow a months plan, and if I didn’t feel better and capable about grabbing life by the balls I would then seek further help. I was depressed, lonely and weak.

Tiredness is bitch, I was drained but not beaten.

I told myself four weeks, that’s all. No unachievable regime just a four week plan to get back on track and break free! I devised a little table of actions and cracked the hell on with it.

I called it ‘4 weeks and repeat’ to tell myself get through four weeks and assess positive changes, then repeat what works!


Well I’m pleased to say I kicked my own arse and am now going to put this little nugget out into the world for any other mamas struggling for whatever personal reasons. Those who have lost their balance just like I had.

We are made up many parts, our very being needs nurturing in all areas.

Creativity I found was my therapy and it’s time I released my little offering so others can benefit. So by spring I will be an author. In fact I am going to be so brave enough to say I already am.

I look forward to sharing my first book with you soon.



Angie x





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week 7

I can’t believe we are already through the seventh week of the year!

I have been mindful to dedicate time to create and craft and am enjoying crochet, vision boarding and learning machine sewing so far!


I have never made ‘proper’ vision boards before and got the prompt from my Leonie Dawson workbooks and can honestly say the difference to goal setting and focus is phenomenal! Here is a really simple one I made from an old Frankie magazine I had lying around to inspire me when working on my Etsy store:


That very weekend I thrifted these:


Cool huh?

This week was half term and we were blessed with a little sunshine in London so getting outside was a priority. Sounds idyllic but in reality consisted of a stubborn toddler wanting to be carried AFTER wading through mud and a boisterous pup nearly dragging me into a pond… I’m living the life hey 😉


We also cherished some down time inside and had fun with our rats. I cannot recommend pet rats highly enough as friends for sensible children, I use the term sensible loosely! Here is Melly sharing a  snack with some of our mischief:






Back to home education meets and working around the children tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Angie x


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Mama tired

I often get asked why I use a childminder, in context to not just putting my daughter in nursery 5 days a week. Some people think I’m wasting money. I debated my decision surrounding trialling childcare and currently for 2 days (6 hours x 2 ) my two youngest spend time together with a lovely childminder and her two children.

The benefits of this far outweigh the cons but I am aware of the guilt tripping that goes on  in using childcare.  I have never had a childminder before (for my three teenage children I had their father stepping in for study/work schedule and my mother occasionally) and so I never realised how much of a shift in my lifestyle having some regular scheduled help as a single mother would impact my week.

If you like me work from home you will know that the boundaries between work, kids and house merge into manic chaos and at the end of the day I question what exactly I managed to get done other than keep everyone alive and no major accident occurring is always a bonus. Anyone else working from home feel like this? Do you wander from your workspace to tidy up, then put the kettle on, then do some laundry and before you know it it’s time to collect the kids, get dinner on and walk the dog?!  I have some tips in an upcoming post about getting stuff done working from home soon.

This past week was the half term week ( in the UK) meaning I have an extra two kids home and my to do list has basically gone out the window! I’m zapped! Five kids ranging from 17 down to almost 2 has been amazingly exhausting! We’ve laughed, ate, argued, attempted to go outside with the dogs and kids at the same time and made an almighty mess! It’s been great and insane!



I miss my childminder! There I said it, and you know, I say that with no guilt whatsoever.

So if you are a homeschooler or full time mum or like me a single parent and find yourself needing the help of outside parties but feel that this makes you any less of a parent  I want you to know that putting your needs first is paramount to running a tight ship!

Lifestyle design is all about self preservation, delegation and balance. After all as mothers, if we are not meeting our own needs how the hell are we going to meet our childrens?

Now excuse me while I go lie in the fetal position on the bathroom floor…


Angie x

P.S. Obviously that pic above is not me, as if I’ve had time to shave my legs this week! For your information I’d be lucky to pee in peace! Plus sleep?! What’s that?!! 😉




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today in pics



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Yo ho ho

Yesterday was our ‘in’ day as we like to call it. Despite presumptions of home schooled kids being stuck in not mixing with other kids our scenario is the opposite in fact and we really look forward to the quiet days when we are not rushing to meet friends or off to an activity somewhere.

So  we had a ‘Pirate Day’. I find for the young children incorporating learning into an umbrella theme provides lots of expansion from one ‘subject’ to another but allows child led learning and questions to organically evolve from whatever it is we are absorbed in at the time with no expectations or time limits.

My two little ones love cooking, baking, mixing at any opportunity but I cheated and picked up a box of ‘instant’ cake mix with pirate themed toppers.


If we break down what we covered other than fine motor skills and dexterity it’s quite apparent that one task led to another.

Now the part when cakes go into the oven always leaves M asking repeatedly “Are they done yet?”

So a treasure hunt began! I cut pieces of gold (very haphazardly and quickly) out of some gold wrapping paper and hid them all over.


M made a map, not accurate in any way but something to consider if your kids are older (covering some art) then dramatically went to seek out ‘the treasure’ with Immy (almost 2) trailing along behind.

I told her 5 pieces of gold equal 1 cake (there covers the days maths lesson!) and she was so good at hunting down treasure (read I’m so crap at hiding treasure!) that she actually managed to get 5 cakes! She was very kind and gave 2 to Immy once decorated.


We then had a pirate story (literacy) and next time plan to use face paints to practice our beards and eye patches. I suggested one of our pet rats could play the parrot as no more pets 😀

So the next time the kids are waiting for their bakes I know how I’m going to get to drink my coffee in peace 😉

Angie x

P.S. I stumbled upon Bunmi Laditan on Facebook last night and was stifling snorts so as not to wake the kids starfishing across my bed. Check her out if you havn’t read her work, hilarious! She had me at prison tacos…





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