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Get your craft on!

Are you a keen evening class addict? Like to sign up for the odd crafternoon? Member of a WI?

My whole life I have LOVED part time classes. Even at times I’ve been introverted or self conscious I’ve still managed to override the fear and sign up anyway and I have never regretted it.

Be it the new skill or the interesting stranger you get sat next to there is just something about a new class! The promise of the next new craft that will feature you in Mollie Makes, or the pet photography career you are going to grow on the side (despite the fact you take most of your pics on your phone, of your kids).

There is nothing wrong with ‘flitting’ I have recently decided. For years eyes would roll when I would proudly declare my new fad or new intended career path! Viewing my ‘5 minute fads’ as just a phase but this year I am going to embrace it! Be it a weekend of embroidery or a life long love of Photoshop! Damn you all I will dip in to as much as I like!

This leads me to hunt down the work of Barbara Sher as I believe I am a ‘scanner’! This is great news and I’m proud to have arrived!!!



My first ‘class’ this year was yesterday and I’m still buzzing from all the future scenarios I’ve envisioned since!

Sewing! As a little girl I would make toilet paper dresses for Barbie and loved those fashioner designer doll outfit stencils.

Sadly high school textiles consisted of maybe one term pattern cutting and the rest fades into history, I don’t recall making anything worthy of a mention but always loved handycrafts at the xmas fair and wished I could make something just like the little toadstool pincushion I bought one year.

There is something vulnerable about being a beginner and if you have a good tutor any progress on your first session is a huge boost.

As adults we don’t value praise enough. Not for an ego boost, just genuine acknowledgement of ‘yes you showed up and gave it a go!’ You cannot and must not underestimate that.


So I urge you, go take a class or learn a new skill, but do it with people. Be it a one to one lesson or as a group and let me know how you feel.

I’m off to practice my foot pedal control now and also look at a college prospectus I ordered 😉

Angie x


4 thoughts on “Get your craft on!

      1. Keeping it quite musical at the moment. I start a singing course tomorrow but am missing the crafty stuff…and I want to go on a photography course. Your post is a great reminder/prompt. Thank you!

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