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Stating the obvious?



Ok I really may be stating the obvious here so if I am it PROVES my money/financial education was absolute zero!

For years I struggled with money, debt and budgeting.  I just couldn’t stick to a budget yet I would never say I was an extravagant person.  In fact my clothes are hardly ever new(more for eco purpose and reducing waste than anything else), I wear my mums/teenage daughters hand me downs, shop in charity shops and get my household items from car boot sales or used goods sites.

Yet still no savings and I was living week to week.

Not good enough!

Money books bored me, investing?! Please I could not understand the jargon.

Savings accounts? The measly interest rates made me roll my eyes.

Then I read The Richest Man in Babylon and I can now tell you money is just a mindset.

10% of incomings, I can get my head round that!

10% of incomings put aside, to yourself from yourself EVERY week (or month if that’s how you work your cashflow).

Pay yourself first, that’s it!

Not rocket science, no magic get rich quick scheme.

This simple single act is the start on your path to Moola!

Don’t believe me? What have you got to lose?

Now go, do it now, and keep doing it!

You have begun.

If you do this one little simple act already tell me about it! Or are you a ‘dipper’ like me? Meaning when the kids need something you ‘dip in’ to your savings jar.

This is the year to begin!

Put 10% minimum away, before you pay ANYTHING out, I command you to pop that amount away and do not touch!

I’ll let you know how I’m doing as the year pans out.

It’s not massive action you may be thinking BUT it is action and I promise you that  is key to a life of freedom 🙂


Angie x


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