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1-0 for homeschool

I always feel secretly smug when I hear of another successful case of homeschooling in the news. I honestly don’t actually read the papers but the joys of the internet keep me informed from time to time about what goes on in the big wide world.

I shouldn’t feel this but it’s a common theme amongst homeschoolers (who actually prefer the term home educators) I’ve noticed and who can blame us?


When you are treated like some member of a secret cult when you ‘come out’ to family and friends you do grow a bit of a thick skin and defend your decision to the death!

So when the Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha turned up in my news feed I clicked on  this article and was plesemtly pleased of the benefits of home ed she mentioned.

I am in no way anti school but the odd comment on the feed below said article got my back up, particularly from a Lisa who said something along the lines of every home educater she had met was pompous…

Hmm now  I tried not to comment I really did but the ol’ verbal diarrhea poured out and so I tooted about me being a single mother,ex teenage mother currently living on a housing estate to emphasise my non pompousness!

Poor Lisa, honest I tried to keep it shut I really did!

Lisa then keyboard warriored about how it must be amazing to afford to home ed as a single mum…Low blow Lisa, low blow!

So keyboard bashed I did. I eagerly await Lisa’s acid tongued reply to our Facebook duel…

In the meantime it’s lovelies like you Lisa that spur me on to juggle my kids, working from home, finding a way that allows me to be the captain of my own ship and sailing away from the conformity in the work place you speak of.  I want others to discover as I did that life is not birth, school, job, die but can be a muddle of creative freedom and life learning.  I feel privileged, and a bit smug (pompous cow that I am) that I did in fact quit my job to homeschool because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here typing away to you about how you too can create a life doing what you love to do.

Are homeschoolers pompous? Am I oblivious to this notion? Maybe it’s just the satisfaction in the realisation that holidays become a shit ton cheaper and we miss the school run traffic…. Let me know what you think!

Angie x


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