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What do you bloody want?

So let’s get down to business!

Do you dream of being your own boss, working a ‘job’ you love, doing work that doesn’t actually feel like work?

No?  Then you are reading the wrong post! Go away!! Or close your eyes and get back to the daily grind!

For those that are still listening, I have always had an issue with authority (surprise surprise) and trying to debate leaving my kids with a stranger whilst working a rota someone devises to really piss me off and makes sure you are going to miss your mothers birthday and your baby’s first steps were some of the reasons I screwed it up and flushed said rota down the toilet (well I visualised doing that, I tend not to waste paper in real life!) I’m just not being good at being told when to do something!


So what even is a ‘dream’ job?  Well that is harder to answer than I realised!

I love a pictogram/spider chart/list but I made tons and my head spun!

One question I realised in times of fuzzy haze that really helped me get a grip was…


what do you actually want?

be it physical, psychological, spiritual. You really have to know and unpick what you want. That’s the hard bit as honestly most of us do not actually know what it is we want! Do you? I’d love to know! I am determined to personally have a ‘job’ that involves doing things I want to do!

Next question…


That’s right, in big capital letters, WHY?!

Now let me make the why easier, for anything you want that is positive the reasons why are going to be any number of a particular set of reasons.  Once you identify these reasons you will gain clarity and my intention to help you understand the why is to move you towards eventual implementation! BUT for now let’s examine the wonderful why’s that getting what we want will give us!

  4. LOVE
  7. EXCITEMENT (often described commonly as HAPPINESS)

By recognising our why(s) we can then simplify our plan towards not just getting what we want but living true to our purpose. Carving a life we want to live instead of just dreaming about it and minus what we think we want in exchange for our WHY!


I would love your thoughts on the 7 WHY’s and if you would add or change any!

Enjoy discovering what you really really want!

Angie x



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