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New year, new me bullshit

aofehum2Is it just me or are the majority scared to declare their ‘resolutions’ this year?

I browsed Facebook and other than the odd gym bragger/dry January devotee I couldn’t roll my eyeballs at anyone as I sipped my large glass of red…

Funnily enough I’ve been more focused on goal setting for the year than the ol’ “I’m going to stop this, quit this, start this” type of statements. They sound like a punishment and so if the mind and body see itself as being deprived like an overtired toddler after just one more cookie by god they are going to be kicking and screaming against anything that breathes healthy and sensible.

So the trick is plan what excites you, speaks to you, stuff you actually WANT to do!  Not because you should or it’s the new kid on the block and Lisa down the road swears by it, I mean she has lost 5 lbs (yay Lisa but you look fucking miserable).

I want you to think back, way back to a time you were lost in the moment doing something that seemed to make time stand still. Something that absorbed you fully, to the point you forgot to let the dog out for a pee and your 4 year old wasn’t even exaggerating when she wailed she was starving and she’d trod in something wet and warm (ahem)…

THAT thing you just imagined, I want that to be number one on your list of ‘New year new me bullshit’ because once you start sticking to habits you love doing other not so fucking fantabulous habits are going to follow (but we’ll come to that another time).

If you are someone that does ‘your thing’ on the regular then here’s a virtual high five and I’d love to hear from you about how you carve the time and dedication to doing your thing. Then we can all learn and emulate!

I truly believing making  time for what we love is our first step on the road to life balance, inner contentment and exciting experiences. What are you striving for this year?

That’s all for now as I must let the dog out before he gives me another surprise!

Angie x

P.s. my ‘thing’ is hooking (in the non prostitution sense by the way)





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