Self development

Let’s begin as we mean to go on



I thought about writing the typical ‘hey welcome to my blog post’.  I imagine hundreds, no thousands of well intended blogs launch this month.  So I’ll leave that out. What I’m going to do is just shoot.  I want a creative life on my terms, and I want to advise you on how to grab your life by the balls too.  Am I living the life yet? No actually I’m not quite there but thats why I want you paying attention. Hell I even want your guidance. This is my accountability habitat! You get to hold me to ransom if I don’t get shit done that I talk about here! It’s a journey not a destination.

Who am I to tell you? Who even am I (you can check the ‘about me’ page out).

This is a space where you can dream, plan and implement a life of balance!

For me this means being a mama,  owning and running a business (generating an income minus the 9-5), living a life of joy and excitement, travelling (worldschooling), mind/body balance and self expression (creativity).

If this resonates with you please stay tuned as I have plenty to share and discuss as I feel it is my mission to empower you to live life out loud and in line with your true self, fearlessly, creatively, expressively!

If you want a life of freedom, intention and creativity on your terms let’s do this! Together!

For years I struggled to get my shit together, find my balance, act on my passions. I existed and dreamed, I read the books, I wrote the lists, but something was missing!

I’ll tell you what was missing; implementation, accountability and motivation from peers.

So I dug deeper and sought out what I needed.

Now I want to be that first port of call at the start of YOUR self discovery to the life you want to live. I’m not promising riches, fame or any of that kind of thing.  I’m talking about a life that is exciting and full of the things that make YOU tick! I’m on my way so instead of getting to a point and then shouting about it I want you beginning now, doing it together.  Sharing what works (and what doesn’t – I’m the queen of mistakes! More about that at a later date!)

But for now thanks for being here! I’m just trying to be a good f**king  human!

Angie x




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