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Last year in pics

Sometimes an image is all it takes to appreciate where we are at so I think I will do my week in pictures or a month at the least!

To kick it off here are just a tiny few of last years pics to round up the year (I cannot believe January will be leaving us already!) Can you tell I’m dreaming of warmer weather already?! 🙂

Angie x

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Get your craft on!

Are you a keen evening class addict? Like to sign up for the odd crafternoon? Member of a WI?

My whole life I have LOVED part time classes. Even at times I’ve been introverted or self conscious I’ve still managed to override the fear and sign up anyway and I have never regretted it.

Be it the new skill or the interesting stranger you get sat next to there is just something about a new class! The promise of the next new craft that will feature you in Mollie Makes, or the pet photography career you are going to grow on the side (despite the fact you take most of your pics on your phone, of your kids).

There is nothing wrong with ‘flitting’ I have recently decided. For years eyes would roll when I would proudly declare my new fad or new intended career path! Viewing my ‘5 minute fads’ as just a phase but this year I am going to embrace it! Be it a weekend of embroidery or a life long love of Photoshop! Damn you all I will dip in to as much as I like!

This leads me to hunt down the work of Barbara Sher as I believe I am a ‘scanner’! This is great news and I’m proud to have arrived!!!



My first ‘class’ this year was yesterday and I’m still buzzing from all the future scenarios I’ve envisioned since!

Sewing! As a little girl I would make toilet paper dresses for Barbie and loved those fashioner designer doll outfit stencils.

Sadly high school textiles consisted of maybe one term pattern cutting and the rest fades into history, I don’t recall making anything worthy of a mention but always loved handycrafts at the xmas fair and wished I could make something just like the little toadstool pincushion I bought one year.

There is something vulnerable about being a beginner and if you have a good tutor any progress on your first session is a huge boost.

As adults we don’t value praise enough. Not for an ego boost, just genuine acknowledgement of ‘yes you showed up and gave it a go!’ You cannot and must not underestimate that.


So I urge you, go take a class or learn a new skill, but do it with people. Be it a one to one lesson or as a group and let me know how you feel.

I’m off to practice my foot pedal control now and also look at a college prospectus I ordered 😉

Angie x

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Stating the obvious?



Ok I really may be stating the obvious here so if I am it PROVES my money/financial education was absolute zero!

For years I struggled with money, debt and budgeting.  I just couldn’t stick to a budget yet I would never say I was an extravagant person.  In fact my clothes are hardly ever new(more for eco purpose and reducing waste than anything else), I wear my mums/teenage daughters hand me downs, shop in charity shops and get my household items from car boot sales or used goods sites.

Yet still no savings and I was living week to week.

Not good enough!

Money books bored me, investing?! Please I could not understand the jargon.

Savings accounts? The measly interest rates made me roll my eyes.

Then I read The Richest Man in Babylon and I can now tell you money is just a mindset.

10% of incomings, I can get my head round that!

10% of incomings put aside, to yourself from yourself EVERY week (or month if that’s how you work your cashflow).

Pay yourself first, that’s it!

Not rocket science, no magic get rich quick scheme.

This simple single act is the start on your path to Moola!

Don’t believe me? What have you got to lose?

Now go, do it now, and keep doing it!

You have begun.

If you do this one little simple act already tell me about it! Or are you a ‘dipper’ like me? Meaning when the kids need something you ‘dip in’ to your savings jar.

This is the year to begin!

Put 10% minimum away, before you pay ANYTHING out, I command you to pop that amount away and do not touch!

I’ll let you know how I’m doing as the year pans out.

It’s not massive action you may be thinking BUT it is action and I promise you that  is key to a life of freedom 🙂


Angie x

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1-0 for homeschool

I always feel secretly smug when I hear of another successful case of homeschooling in the news. I honestly don’t actually read the papers but the joys of the internet keep me informed from time to time about what goes on in the big wide world.

I shouldn’t feel this but it’s a common theme amongst homeschoolers (who actually prefer the term home educators) I’ve noticed and who can blame us?


When you are treated like some member of a secret cult when you ‘come out’ to family and friends you do grow a bit of a thick skin and defend your decision to the death!

So when the Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha turned up in my news feed I clicked on  this article and was plesemtly pleased of the benefits of home ed she mentioned.

I am in no way anti school but the odd comment on the feed below said article got my back up, particularly from a Lisa who said something along the lines of every home educater she had met was pompous…

Hmm now  I tried not to comment I really did but the ol’ verbal diarrhea poured out and so I tooted about me being a single mother,ex teenage mother currently living on a housing estate to emphasise my non pompousness!

Poor Lisa, honest I tried to keep it shut I really did!

Lisa then keyboard warriored about how it must be amazing to afford to home ed as a single mum…Low blow Lisa, low blow!

So keyboard bashed I did. I eagerly await Lisa’s acid tongued reply to our Facebook duel…

In the meantime it’s lovelies like you Lisa that spur me on to juggle my kids, working from home, finding a way that allows me to be the captain of my own ship and sailing away from the conformity in the work place you speak of.  I want others to discover as I did that life is not birth, school, job, die but can be a muddle of creative freedom and life learning.  I feel privileged, and a bit smug (pompous cow that I am) that I did in fact quit my job to homeschool because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here typing away to you about how you too can create a life doing what you love to do.

Are homeschoolers pompous? Am I oblivious to this notion? Maybe it’s just the satisfaction in the realisation that holidays become a shit ton cheaper and we miss the school run traffic…. Let me know what you think!

Angie x

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What do you bloody want?

So let’s get down to business!

Do you dream of being your own boss, working a ‘job’ you love, doing work that doesn’t actually feel like work?

No?  Then you are reading the wrong post! Go away!! Or close your eyes and get back to the daily grind!

For those that are still listening, I have always had an issue with authority (surprise surprise) and trying to debate leaving my kids with a stranger whilst working a rota someone devises to really piss me off and makes sure you are going to miss your mothers birthday and your baby’s first steps were some of the reasons I screwed it up and flushed said rota down the toilet (well I visualised doing that, I tend not to waste paper in real life!) I’m just not being good at being told when to do something!


So what even is a ‘dream’ job?  Well that is harder to answer than I realised!

I love a pictogram/spider chart/list but I made tons and my head spun!

One question I realised in times of fuzzy haze that really helped me get a grip was…


what do you actually want?

be it physical, psychological, spiritual. You really have to know and unpick what you want. That’s the hard bit as honestly most of us do not actually know what it is we want! Do you? I’d love to know! I am determined to personally have a ‘job’ that involves doing things I want to do!

Next question…


That’s right, in big capital letters, WHY?!

Now let me make the why easier, for anything you want that is positive the reasons why are going to be any number of a particular set of reasons.  Once you identify these reasons you will gain clarity and my intention to help you understand the why is to move you towards eventual implementation! BUT for now let’s examine the wonderful why’s that getting what we want will give us!

  4. LOVE
  7. EXCITEMENT (often described commonly as HAPPINESS)

By recognising our why(s) we can then simplify our plan towards not just getting what we want but living true to our purpose. Carving a life we want to live instead of just dreaming about it and minus what we think we want in exchange for our WHY!


I would love your thoughts on the 7 WHY’s and if you would add or change any!

Enjoy discovering what you really really want!

Angie x


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New year, new me bullshit

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Let’s begin as we mean to go on

  I thought about writing the typical ‘hey welcome to my blog post’.  I imagine hundreds, no thousands of well intended blogs launch this month.  So I’ll leave that out. What I’m going to do is just shoot.  I want a creative life on my terms, and I want to advise you on how to grab… Continue reading Let’s begin as we mean to go on